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Do you long for perfectly shaped eyebrows, If so you can now choose from a soft powdered looking eyebrow or maybe a natural hair stroke looking brow this can be achieved with Microblading or tattooing.


Lack of eyebrow hair is a common problem. The causes vary from the eyebrows being over plucked, medical conditions, injury or the aging process.


Eye brows give shape and definition to your face and is the most prominent feature giving expression. Joanne can give you the perfect brows regardless the natural hair growth of your brows and shape by using a variety of techniques. The aim is to create a very realistic looking brow. It will added definition and it creates a more youthful look. Joanne has helped clients suffering with alopecia and helped camouflage scarring.


Lash Enhancements to Eye Liner:

Permanent eye liner make up does not smudge and stays perfect at all times.

This treatment is suitable for anyone that wants to enhance there eye shape, size and colour by using a variety of techniques and colours. Permanent eye liner opens, widens and brightens the eye area.


You can also have amazing fuller looking lips by recreating symmetry, adding a hint of colour.

Lip liner eliminates lipstick smudging and is loved by lipstick and lip gloss wearers because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired.


Lips are one of the most noticed features of our face so most of us long for naturally fuller looking lips and the perfect pout.


A perfect treatment if you would like a great shape with a defined outline or subtle natural lip blush, alternatively a full lip colour can be applied for a more bold glamorous overall look.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hairlines can be restored or densification of male patterned baldness lasting 12-24 Months.

Scalp micro pigmentation can provide the illusion of density, fullness and camouflage thinning areas suitable for men and women.

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