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What is permanent makeup?


Permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing where state of the art equipment and needles are used that have been specifically developed to work around the delicate areas of the face. Because it is permanent make sure you choose a reputable permanent makeup technician, who has a portfolio who can show you real work and is covered by a reputable insurance company.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?


Permanent makeup is perfect for busy working mums who don t have 5 minutes to apply makeup. Permanent makeup is perfect even if you re taking things a bit easier. Permanent makeup is looking and feeling good 24/7. Permanent makeup is beauty made easy. Permanent makeup is for you.

How long does the treatment take?


Depending on what treatment you decide on you will usually be in the treatment room for 2 hours. A re-touch is required 4 weeks to 3 months after your initial appointment (a re-touch is included for new treatments. Colour boosts only require 1 treatment).

What will I look like after the treatment?


Immediately after and for the first few days the colour is up to 20% darker and more intense but will subsequently lighten. Mild redness and swelling may be apparent for the first couple of days, however normal activity can be resumed immediately following the procedure. You can use a specialist mineral make up if necessary.

Does it hurt?


The treatment is made comfortable be using numbing creams. It is no more painful than having your eyebrows plucked; in fact many clients enjoy the treatment and find it relaxing. Joanne says 'It is a little scratching feeling but not uncomfortable'.

How long will it last?


Permanent makeup usually lasts 12 - 18 months depending on your lifestyle. Sun is our worst enemy and prematurely fades the permanent makeup. A good SPF cream or makeup will prolong the life of your permanent makeup. Some people wait for years to have a touch up treatment and you are always left with pigment residue in your skin but it is less defined.

How do you know what style of eyebrow will suit me?


Everyone s face is different, however, there are few a beauty secrets we use to help re design your brows so they will be unique to you. During your consultation I will draw on several different shaped eyebrows, only when you are happy with the shape will the treatment begin.

How will you know what lip colours to choose?


I will have a consulatation with you and we will decide together what colours will suite you the best, I will use samples of colour on your skin so we can see which colour tones look the best and compliment your own skin colour.

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